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أŒأ£أڑأ­أ‰ أ‡أ،أ¥أڈأ¬ أ‡أ،أٹأ¤أ£أ¦أ­أ‰

أŒأ£أڑأ­أ‰ أ‡أ،أ¥أڈأ¬ أ‡أ،أٹأ¤أ£أ¦أ­أ‰

أŒأ£أڑأ­أ‰ أ‡أ،أ¥أڈأ¬ أ‡أ،أٹأ¤أ£أ¦أ­أ‰

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Al Huda development association is a non profit association. it was established in 1997 by license No. 4076 from the ministry of interior .
The Association concentrates on developing the community through developing the women , child , youth and working on relieving the economical and social burdens.
Also the association works on elevating the social and cultural level of the society by developing the abilities of the members of the society & encouraging their participation in the society .
The association is concentrating it is work on the southern area of Gaza strip where poverty and diseases spared, the population is around 352,000 people.
Alhuda implement many projects that help the poor and victims in Gaza strip to continue their life.
Al Huda Objectives :-1- Empowering the women role in the society through education and community awareness.
2- Fulfilling family needs by variety developments programs
3- Attention of family health

Phone: 0097082071950

Fax: 0097082082588

أ›أ’أ‰ - أژأ‡أ¤ أ­أ¦أ¤أ“ - أˆأ¤أ­ أ“أ¥أ­أ،أ‡
أ›أ’أ‰, أ›أ’أ‰

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