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(Change Your Life)

Change your Life: Group Overview

Who we are:
We are a non-profit group who are powered by creative energy and a spiritual cause. Each and everyone of us strives to offer his/her best to provide help for those in need in our society through Volunteering for all kinds of causes and missions as Allah said:
(And whatever good ye send froth for your souls before you, ye shall find it with God: for God sees well all that ye do).

Our Statement of Beliefs:
1-Benifiting from youth creativity and energy to service the causes of the local community.
2-The positive influence over the youth by instilling the compassion towards true social responsibility in their every-day life.
3-Acting upon Islam call for cooperation and collaboration in the Muslim community.

Our Mission:
starting a distinguished foundation of young generation that is capable of supporting their community through different means and with exquisite results.

Our vision:
Incorporating youth with the society effectively through having their extinguished skills and great capability displayed in action, in reality and for the good of the community of Jeddah.

You can check our action team at work in our website:

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